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May 09 2013

Homeboy Industries / Homegirl Cafe

Still working on pre-work. Today I read about Homeboy Industries, a project by a Jesuit priest in LA that for the past 25 years has provided jobs and help for former gang members and prevented other youths from joining gangs. Consisting of a cafe, farmers markets, diner, grocery, bakery, silkscreen/embroidery, educational counseling, tattoo removal, legal services, etc etc etc, Homeboy Industries is one of the most inspring projects I’ve read about yet. I’d love to go see it and learn more in person one day!
Check out Homeboy’s Webpage
and Homeboy’s Blog of Stories

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May 01 2013

Project H in Bertie County

A bit southeast of where I’ll be teaching is Bertie County. I had an interview there that was unfortunately cancelled, but in my pre-work I came across this fantastic TED video about Emily Pilloton’s Project H, a high school design class there. Watch it and be inspired!  

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Apr 25 2013

Pre-Institute Work – Racism

Before a TFA Corps Member becomes a Corps Member, he or she must go to Institute and (hopefully) learn to teach. Before going to Institute, the future CM must complete a packet of pre-work. This is 45 pages that each have 1-10 weblinks on them. Part I is supposed to teach us about “The Causes…

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Apr 25 2013


Welcome to my blog, As Water Reflects the Face. The title comes from Proverbs 27:19: As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. (NIV) I chose that title because every time someone asks me why I chose to do TFA, my answer (other than because they let me in!) is that I…

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